BOBST Autoplatine NOVACUT 106 E 3.0

BOBST Autoplatine NOVACUT 106 E 3.0
  • Year of manufacture: 2019
  • 8.000 working hours
  • Machine:
    SPHERE (HMI) Human-Machine Interface
    Machine configured with Service Helpline Plus
    Centerline system for fast job changes
    Electronic sheet flow control
    Adjustable centring on the waste stripping station
    Main drive by frequency controlled asynchronous motor
  • Feeder:
    Pallet carrier plate with manual adjustment of the lateral stacking position during machine operation
    Control of the stack height with press foot
    Rear stack guide
    Adjustable side blower
    Suction head with multiple adjustment possibilities
    Safety system when lowering the pallet support plate
  • Feed table:
    Coated with stainless steel sheet, antistatic
    Introduction at the feed table with lateral ramps
    Deceleration device of the feeder conveyor belts
    Individually adjustable front lays with sheet control
    With Centerline adjustable side-pull mark (BS) with lateral register control
    Double Sheet Testing Unit
    Sheet holder
    Upper feed table frame with pneumatic lifting aid
    Upper transport equipment for paper and cardboard
    Transport belts
  • Punching platen:
    Gripper reopening device
    Automatic centering and locking of the closing frame and the base plate
    Blocking the lock frame against the upper platen
    Measuring the punching force with tension gauge
  • Stripping station:
    Quick fastening device for the central stripping board
    Motorized drive of the upper frame
    Quick clamping system built in
    Adjustable centring for the upper, middle and lower waste stripping tool
  • Delivery:
    Pallet carrier plate
    Front straightener
    Rear and side straighteners adjustable with Centerline
    Brake brush
    Curved kidney preservation with HMI controlled blower manual non-stop raking
  • Additional equipment:
    Bobst Food Lubricant
  • Feed table:
    Contactless double sheet detector for sheets with low grammage
  • Punching platen:
    Central micrometer adjustment for the punching platen: Possible adjustment range +/-0.9mm in longitudinal and transverse direction
    Motorized adjustment of the punching force
    Compensation plate
  • Delivery:
    Automatic non-stop carpet
  • Technical data:
    Processable materials:
    Paper (depending on quality) min 80g/m2
    Board (depending on quality) up to 2000 g/m2 (permissible board curvature 4% of the sheet width)
    Corrugated board (fine flute) up to 4 mm (permissible board curvature 4% of the sheet width)
  • Format:
    Embossing format max 1060 x 730 mm
    Sheet size max 1060 x 760 mm
    Sheet size min 400 x 350 mm
  • Punch formats:
    Cutting size with gripper edge max 1060 x 746 mm
  • pallet dimensions max 1200 x 800 mm
  • Fascination:
    Gripper edge 9 -17 mm
    Height of the cutting lines 23,8 mm
  • Production values:
    punching force max 2,6 (260t) MN
    Speed: up to 8,000 sheets/hour
  • Stacking height:
    Feeder at normal operation max 1400mm
    Feeder for non-stop operation max 1100mm
    Delivery max 1100mm
  • Machine running, like new