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Sale 2001 BOBST SPO 160 ER MATIC

Cire announces the sell to our best VIP clients in Mexico, CARTOLITO SA, a machine BOBST SPO 1600 ER MATIC year 2001, the machine was tested in 3 occasions before the dismantling, it had mechanical and electrical tests, tests of speed with no product were don’t and next to that test the machine was tested with 0.6mm carton for troquel following the models of boxes. Once the format was checked, the cutting precision was checked in all the work area, later on the machine worked with 0.3mm carton in order to be tested, this tests were all satisfactory.

Our client didn’t hesitate in buying this impressive and wonderful machine format 162, with just 10 machines in the world, it is a versatile machine with lots of thick sizes, formats, and configurations.

Being this machine one of the biggest format machines and having the more variety of possibilities.

Once all the tests were done, we proceeded to set all the logistic for the dismantle, packing, and loading of this machine.

Cire hired a BOBST specialist company to make the mechanical and electrical dismantle with the best procedures, being this company the responsable of the installation in Mexico, later on a BOBST Packing specialist was hired on France, all the groups were greased up with special maritime oil, and were packed with an special plastic in void for its protection.

Visits from Cire were organised to take the sizes to craft the boxes, this was a big work and it was done with the biggest responsibility, this is because the volume of the principal pieces have very big weights, the cut platina has 34 tones, the interlocutor has 10 tones, the recolector gas 12 tones and the four special boxes used to pack the machine were added, in total the machine with the packaging it’s 68 tones.

It’s been an investment of one month to make all the operation, since the start of the tests until the loading of the last container.

Thanks to the Merzcargo team in the logistics of the containers and transport, it has been a very good planed and done work which ended successfully.